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This application is only valid for property managers with a Town of Vail business license.

All businesses and individuals acting as property managers for short-term rentals in the Town of Vail are required to obtain a separate business license, regardless of office location. To obtain a property management business license, follow along with the instructions in the orange tab “registration instructions,” on page two.


First Time Registration

BEFORE you start the application process YOU MUST have the following FORMS completed and ready to upload with your application: a copy of your self-compliance affidavit, local representative authorization, and local representative’s driver’s license. A separate sales tax license application is required for each property owner and address:”






Fractional / Timeshare Properties

Contact the Town’s short-term rental department directly to assist in registering or renewing fractional properties at 970-477-3515 or email at

Each Short-Term Rental address is required to have a separate Town of Vail sales tax license and make periodic returns of applicable taxes to the Town of Vail, pursuant to Town Code 4-3-2(B). Property managers wishing to submit a single sales tax return and payment for all addresses managed may due so, but must provide a supporting break-out of amounts paid for each address and sales tax license. For more information, please contact the sales tax administrator at 970.479.2125.

For specific questions regarding short-term rentals, please email or call 970.477.3515.


Kathleen Halloran
Finance Director

Jacque M. Lovato
Accounting Manager

Alex Jakubiec
Revenue Manager