Community Participation

Take Part In Public Meetings

The Vail Town Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month for regularly scheduled work sessions and regular meetings which take place at the Vail Town Council Chambers located at 75 S. Frontage Road.



Work Sessions are informal study sessions beginning early afternoon and scheduled for staff or presenters to provide information and updates to the Town Council members. No formal motions are made or voted upon at this session except for scheduled quasi-judicial hearings and motions for conduct of the meeting. Examples include a motion to adjourn or a motion for executive session. While open to the public, citizen input is allowed only at council’s discretion (except for parties to a quasi-judicial proceeding).



Regular Meetings include topics that require official action from town council. Public input is taken on many items considered on this agenda. There are several formats for taking official action including proclamations, resolutions and ordinances.

The sequence of decision making for agenda items is as follows with an opportunity for citizen input offered at every meeting as follows:

  • Staff Presentation
  • Questions and Clarification
  • Citizen Comments
  • Council Comments
  • Council Decision



Executive Meetings are meetings whereby the Vail Town Council is authorized by state law to meet privately in closed session upon affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present, constituting a quorum to discuss items of a specific nature as authorized in C.R.S. §24-6-402.



Opportunities For Citizen Comment

Citizen Participation is scheduled at the beginning of every regular meeting as an opportunity for the community to address topics and present ideas not listed on the meeting agenda. There is no sign-in requirement; however, there is a time requirement of three (3) minutes per person.


Public Input format

The Mayor determines and creates the time for public comments on all pertinent agenda items as the presiding officer of the meeting.

  • Raise your hand when requesting to address Council.
  • Once acknowledged by the mayor, move to the podium at the front of the room and begin by stating your name and address for the public record.
  • Speak clearly into the microphone at the podium so everyone will hear you.
  • Consider distributing an informational handout with your input so Council may review your viewpoint in more detail at a later time.
  • Be clear if you have a question, and succinct and focused with sharing your point of view and comments.
  • Be solution oriented with your comments.
  • Be respectful – avoid personal attacks, profanity or slanderous remarks.
  • Do not encourage interruption of the proceedings with forms of approval, disapproval, applause, heckling or jeering. Speakers who violate council’s code of conduct will be removed from the room.
  • Please turn off your cell phone and avoid prolonged private discussions during the meeting.


General Public Comments

There are occasions when the Mayor extends an invitation for public participation on certain topics. Council may choose to direct town staff to research the item or to place the issue on a future Town Council agenda. In most cases the Town Council takes public input to listen to comments submitted by its community members and relies on town staff to determine the appropriate follow-up.



For more information about staying involved, please access this brochure: Community Participation.