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Is the Town planning on developing employee housing on the Middle Bench of Donovan Park?

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Is the Town planning on developing employee housing on the Middle Bench of Donovan Park?

The Middle Bench of Donovan Park is the 2.25 acre parcel of land in the Matterhorn neighborhood in West Vail, designated a park by Resolution 7A, Series of 2005. The Town of Vail Open Space Board of Trustees voted unanimously to forward a recommendation to the Vail Town Council that the property be designated as such so that it may be considered for a designation of open space in the future. By Resolution 7A the Vail Town Council found that the property was important in “preserving the open space character of the Town of Vail and providing passive outdoor recreational opportunities.” The property was purchased in 1980 with Real Estate Transfer Funds (RETT). The 1994 Open Lands Plan does not call out the Middle Bench of Donovan Park for public use beyond its current park designation, and acknowledges the concerns of the community with respect to the “need to ensure that once lands are acquired for open space, parks, and trails that they be protected from conversion to other uses in the future.” Ordinance No. 13, Series of 1995 amended the charter of the Town of Vail to protect designated open space, requiring a majority vote to remove that classification. Though suggestions have been made by some members of the community that this property, adjacent to a road and situated among a developed residential neighborhood may be suitable for employee housing, the Town of Vail has no current plans to propose to develop this property.

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Susan Hanna

1/4/2017 5:01 PM

What does the middle bench of Donovan park mean?



1/5/2017 5:08 PM

An aerial map of the area provides some useful information about the location of the middle bench in relation to the lower and upper benches and its zoning classification as Agricultural and Open Space. Click on the "Donovan Park" link above to view.

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