Plan Update Process and Timeline

Includes 3 phases and citizen outreach.

Why Update?


Why Update?


In 2016 the Vail Town Council directed staff to update the current 1994 Comprehensive Open Lands Plan. The outcome of this update will evolve out of community input obtained during the planning process. Generally, the purpose of this update is to:

  • Understand the progress that has been made in implementing the recommendations of the 1994 plan.
  • Re-visit the goals and objectives of the 1994 plan and as may be necessary define new or refined goals and objectives for the town’s open lands.
  • Prepare new “action items” or recommendations for the acquisition of lands, trail development and the use of town lands.

Plan Update Process


Plan Update Process

The update process includes three phases of work.

Phase I involves background work and evaluation of the existing plan along with three community kick off meetings. Phase II will involve research and site analysis, the formation of a Technical Advisory Committee and two community meetings to discuss potential plan updates. Phase III involves preparation of a draft plan and the formal public review process by the Planning and Environmental Commission and the Town Council.

Decision Making Schedule


Decision-Making Schedule

The Vail Town Council will continue its detailed review of the update to the Comprehensive Open Lands Plan during its regular meeting on Tuesday, September 4. The purpose of this meeting is to present the suggested refinements to the draft 2018 Open Lands Plan Update based on input received from the Town Council during the past four meetings.



To achieve some level of consensus and understanding among community members through open discussion and compromise. Together, we’re trying to reach a collective vision or “Trail Concept Plan” for the Town of Vail. We want to hear your thoughts on trail priorities, new trails, and improvements to existing trails for this community.

Draft Trails Concept Plan

Trails Workshop Display Boards

2015 -16 Vail Trail Extension - Eastern Segment

2015-16 Vail Trail Extension - Western Segment

2015-16 Vail Trail Rockfall , Avalanche and Debris Flow Hazard and Risk Assessment

Comments and themes identified from our Open Lands Update Questionnaire.

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