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Vail Parking & Transportation Task Force

Appointed by the Mayor, this volunteer task force provides advisory input and recommendations on parking, transit and operations.

The first meeting of the Vail Parking & Transportation Task Force will take place from 10 a.m. to noon on Monday, Jan. 23 in the Vail Town Council Chambers. All meetings are open to the public. A minimum of 3 meetings will be convened in 2017.

The Vail Parking & Transportation Task Force was formed in 1999 in an advisory capacity and has been enacted through the years at the direction of the Vail Town Council.  In re-establishing the Task Force, recommendations and input will be solicited on both winter and summer operations.


 Appointees by Mayor Dave Chapin are as follows:

Dave Chapin, Jen Mason, Vail Town Council members
Meg Hanlon and Hugh Paine, retail representatives
Bill Suarez, restaurant representative
Brian Butts, lodging representative
Kent Johnson, Andrew Lanes and Don Marks, representing the community at-large
Darryl Flores, representing Vail Valley Medical Center
Doug Lovell and Jeff Babb, representing Vail Resorts

The task force is supported by various departments and agencies to assist with technical expertise.


January 23, 2017