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Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Team is responsible for the development and execution of mapping related products and services throughout the organization.

The GIS Team's primary functions are:

  • Providing mapping support to a variety of Town of Vail Departments and projects.
  • Administer desktop application of GIS to Town of Vail staff for general information retrieval and document support.
  • Coordinate address changes and corrections.
  • Manage interactive web map applications.
  • Assist in researching archived property information.


Mailing and Physical Address:
Town of Vail GIS Team
1309 Elkhorn Drive
Vail, CO  81657


Latitude: 39.643 (or, Degrees Minutes Seconds: 39° 38" 34’ N)
"Latitude" identifies a position, north or south, in relation to the Equator; lines of latitude, also known as Parallels, run east/west, parallel to the equator

Longitude: -106.355 (or, Degrees Minutes Seconds: 106° 21" 18’ W)
"Longitude" identifies a position, east or west, in relation to the Prime Meridian (A.K.A. International Meridian or Greenwich Meridian); lines of longitude, also known as Meridians, run north/south, originating and ending at the north and south poles)

Size of Vail (incorporated): Approximately 4.6 square miles.

Length of Vail (as the crow flies): Approximately 8.5 miles.

Length of Interstate-70 through Vail: Approximately 9.8 miles.

General elevation of Vail:  8150' above sea level (at the International Bridge in Vail Village).

Highest elevation within Vail: Approximately 9420' above sea level.

Lowest elevation within Vail: Approximately 7780' above sea level.

We're located in the Town of Vail Public Works Department offices, on the north side of I-70 near the golf course.  Please feel free to stop by!


Sean Koenig
GIS Coordinator

Mailing Address:
Town of Vail
1309 Elkhorn Drive
Vail, CO 81657

Physical Address:
Public Works Admin Bldg
1309 Elkhorn Drive
Vail, CO 81657