Environmental Sustainability

The Town of Vail is committed to the stewardship and protection of our unique mountain environment.  In consideration of both our local and global impacts and opportunities, our environmental vision is to demonstrate and promote: renewable energy, resource efficiency, ecosystem protection, and community awareness and education. As part of the Community Development Department, the Environmental Team is responsible for administering programs consistent with this vision as well as ensuring public health and food safety.  



Lunch with Locals

Lunch with the Locals is a FREE, monthly community lunch and ecology symposium hosted by the Town of Vail. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness and educate the community about local environmental sustainability issues.

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Environmental and Ecological Services

  • Annual E-waste recycling events
  • Zero Waste Events, composting and recycling services
  • Town, highway and river cleanup days
  • Streambank restoration and revegetation projects
  • Annual Trees for Vail planting and public giveaway
  • Gore Creek RiverWatch water quality monitoring Identification and mitigation of water quality concerns
  • Stormwater permitting on areas of land disturbance between ½ acre and 1 acre.



Public Health and Food Safety Services

  • Infectious disease outbreak investigation
  • Food handler online safety training course StateFoodSafety.com

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Environmental Sustainability Policy

“The Town of Vail shall serve as a nationally recognized leader in sustainability through a commitment to community partnerships and balanced stewardship of human, financial and environmental resources in policy and daily operations.”

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Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan

Town Value: Natural Environment
Vail Values the environment as a source of health, beauty, recreation and economic strength that makes Vail a special place to live, work and play. As stewards of the environment, Vail is committed to promoting sustainable environmental practices in every aspect of the community.


  1. Solid Waste Stream Diversion and Recycling
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Ecosystem Health
  4. Sustainable and Economic Development
  5. Public Education and Communication
  6. Transportation

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Kristen Bertuglia
Environmental Sustainability Director

Beth Markham
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

Peter Wadden
Watershed Education Coordinator