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Colorado Campaign and Political Finance Regulations and Reporting

There are several State of Colorado Campaign and Political Finance laws and rules which candidates must become familiar with during the election process with regard to campaign and political finance compliance and reporting. The “Colorado Campaign and Political Finance Manual” is a practical guidebook that will provide helpful information about election reporting and staying compliant with the law. The manual also includes the following related laws: 

  • Article XXVIII, Colorado Constitution
  • Title 1, Article 45 C.R.S. (Fair Campaign Practices Act)
  • Rules Concerning Campaign & Political Finance

SOS website link to manual:

Candidate Campaign Reports

Campaign Reporting Deadlines

There are several deadlines associated with filing campaign reports for this regular municipal election.  The town’s deadlines mirror those required by the SOS and reports are required to be submitted to the Town Clerk’s Office by dates shown below:

  • October 15 (21 days before the election)
  • November 1 (Friday before election)
  • December 5 (30 days after election)

Campaign Reporting Forms:

Common campaign forms to use for reporting purposes are listed below; this list is not all inclusive of forms required to submit as that would be determined based on the type of campaign run by the candidate:

  • Candidate Affidavit
  • Candidate Statement of Non-Receipt of Contributions and Non-Expenditures of Funds
  • Statement of Personal Expenditures by a Candidate
  • Personal Financial Disclosure Statement
  • Independent Expenditure Report
  • Independent Expenditure Donor Report
  • New Committee Registration Form
  • Report of Contributions and Expenditures
  • Independent Expenditure Committee Registration Form

None of this information is intended to replace qualified legal advice. The reporting requirements of the Campaign and Finance Law apply to all municipal candidates. It is the responsibility of the candidate to become familiar with and follow the provisions of these laws and rules.

Please access the Colorado Secretary of State’s website page below for laws, rules, calendars and forms:

Contact Info

Tammy Nagel
Town Clerk

Stephanie Bibbens
Deputy Town Clerk

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