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Candidate Information

How do I become a candidate?
To be eligible to run in the upcoming Vail Town Council election, interested persons must be:

  • Citizen of the U.S.
  • Registered voter within Vail
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Vail resident for two years immediately preceding the election 

Map of Voter and Candidate eligibility for Vail Elections  

2019 Regular Municipal Election Calendar

The table below highlights important election dates and campaign reporting deadline dates.

August 6
91 days before election First day candidates may circulate nomination petitions.
August 7   
90 days before election     First day voters may apply for absentee voter's ballots with the Town Clerk for this election. Voters may already be on a permanent absentee voter list based on prior request. 
August 26
71 days before election    

-Last day candidates may circulate nomination petitions. 
-Last day to file nomination petitions with Town.
-Objections to nomination petitions must be filed with Town Clerk within 3 days of such filing. Town Clerk must decide objections within 48 hours of filing.

September 3
64 days before election
-Last day candidates may amend nominating petitions to replace signatures found to be insufficient. 
-Last day for nominees to withdraw. 
October 14
22 days before election

Last day for person to move into the state and be eligible to vote in this election.

Tuesday, October 15 21 days before election     -Filing deadline for candidate FCPA reports.   
-Last day for a potential write-in candidate to file an affidavit of intent with the Town Clerk.
Friday October 25  No later than 10 days before election Last day to print ballots and sample ballots; must be in possession of Town Clerk and ready for public inspection.
October 30
6 days before election

Last day to register to vote

Friday November 1

Friday before election Filing deadline for candidate FCPA reports
Friday November 1 Friday before election -Last day to file application for an absentee ballot with Town Clerk
-If applying now, voter must pick up the absentee voter's ballot at Town Clerk's office before close of business on Election Day
November 5
  ELECTION DAY - Polls open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
December 5
30 days after election Filing deadline for candidate FCPA reports


Nomination petitions will be available for circulation on August 6, 2019

If you are interested in running for one of four open seats on the Vail Town Council in the November 5, 2019 Regular Municipal Election, please pick up the nomination petition packets from the Vail Town Clerk’s Office from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, in the Vail  Municipal Building, 75 S. Frontage Road. 

Interested persons have until 5 pm on August 26, 2019 to circulate and return the nominating petitions to the Town Clerk’s Office.  A minimum of ten (10) valid signatures from registered voters in the town is required in order to nominated as a municipal candidate and appear on the ballot.

All election documents submitted to the Town of Vail are subject to the Colorado Open Records Act and may be open to public inspection.  


Contact Info

Tammy Nagel
Town Clerk

Stephanie Bibbens
Deputy Town Clerk

75 South Frontage Road
Vail, Colorado 81657