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Absentee Voting

Out of town on election day, apply for an absentee ballot.

The Town of Vail Regular Municipal Election on November 5, 2019 is a polling place election; however, if you are not available to vote at the polls that day, there is a process to obtain a ballot by mail.  

A request must be made to the Town Clerk’s Office for an absentee voter’s ballot by completing an application. You may also sign up for “permanent absentee voting status” at this time to receive a ballot by mail in every election.

The application form is available to download here:  Absentee Voting Form 

Please complete the form, be sure to print clearly, sign the signature line, and submit to the Town Clerk at 75 South Frontage Road, or email to Tammy Nagel at or fax to 970-479-2157.

The deadline to request and submit an absentee voting request form is November 1, 2019, the Friday before Election Day.  

Absentee voting will begin at the Vail Municipal Building during office hours (8am to 5pm) on October 24 and will finish on November 1.  

All absentee ballots must be returned to the Town Clerk’s office by end of Election Day at 7pm on November 5 either submitted by mail or hand delivered.  

Recent changes to the state’s election laws mean that Colorado municipalities no longer retain a permanent mail-in voter list which had been used in the past to facilitate the mail-in ballot process. However, registered Vail electors can also choose to become a permanent absentee voter in which a ballot would be mailed with every election in the future. This status is accomplished by completing an application for “permanent absentee voter status” with the clerk’s office.  
Contact Info

Tammy Nagel
Town Clerk

Stephanie Bibbens
Deputy Town Clerk

75 South Frontage Road
Vail, Colorado 81657