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Housing Lottery Info


On July 3, 2018 the Vail Town Council voted to change the lottery process and update the 1999 Employee Housing Guidelines effective July 4, 2018.  The most notable changes are:

1. Replacing the annual master lottery with individual lotteries as homes become available for resale; 
2. running a true weighted lottery versus accumulated points; and
3. allowing applicants who own residential real estate in Eagle County at time of submittal to apply.

Resale Lottery

As homes become available for resale notification will be provided to the public and the existing interested in deed restricted homes. The lottery applies to homes located at Vail Commons, North Trail Townhomes, Chamonix Vail Community, Arosa Duplexes and others as they become available for resale. Use this sample lottery application to prepare data for your submittal. An application will be provided for each home which comes up for sale. Applicants may be eligible for a maximum of five (5) lottery tickets, one ticket for each category meeting the following criteria: 

Submit a complete and signed lottery application = 1 ticket
At time of application work in Vail = 1 ticket
At time of application live in Vail = 1 ticket
At time of application has worked in Vail five (5) years or more = 1 ticket
At time of application has lived in Vail five (5) years of more = 1 ticket

Exact process and lottery dates will be determined upon homes becoming available. Housing guidelines explain criteria to qualify for the lottery.

A homebuyer class must be taken by anyone who will hold title to the property and is required to be completed prior to closing on a resale home. See Eagle County's Valley Home Store for homebuyer class options. 

For more information, e-mail the town's Housing department or call 970-479-2150.

George Ruther

Lynne Campbell
Housing Coordinator