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Vail Local Marketing District Tax Remittance

Vail Sales Tax Rates

Effective January 1, 2006

Special Regulations

These regulations are promulgated for specific businesses and specific circumstances. They shall apply in addition to and have the same effect as the numbered sales tax rules and regulations. Unless otherwise noted, all references herein to Title 4, Chapter 3 or any section or subsection shall refer to Title 4, Chapter 3 of the Town of Vail Municipal Code, and all references herein to rules or regulations shall refer to the numbered Sales Tax Rules and Regulators. These special regulations were adopted by the Town Manager pursuant to Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 1-8, which states: "The Town Manager may adopt rules and regulations in conformity with this Title 4, Chapter 3 for the proper administration and enforcement of this Title 4, Chapter 3".

Application for Refund of Use Tax Paid

Application for Refund of Use Tax Paid

Standard Exemption Affidavit

This form is provided by home rule municipalities within the State of Colorado to record supporting information for any transaction on which an exemption from tax is claimed. The form is maintained by the seller for tax-exempt sales. Furnish this form to the seller. Do not return this form to the taxing jurisdiction.

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Finance Director

Jacque M. Lovato
Accounting Manager

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Revenue Manager