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Vail Parking Violations

Parking tickets are issued for violating Town of Vail parking ordinances. They are placed on the windshield or driver’s door of the vehicle in a green envelope.

The ticket will cite a specific offense that has been violated and list the amount that is due to the court. Other pertinent information is included such as date, location, officer, citation number, license plate number and late fee charges.

For your convenience, parking tickets are payable in advance and if paid, do not require a court appearance. Parking citations may be paid by mail, by phone with a credit card or at the finance department cashier during regular business hours. Fines for the parking violations are listed on the face of the parking ticket. Payments not received within 21 days from the date of issue are subject to an additional $5.00 late fee. Please do not send cash.

Warning letters will issue to those who fail to pay the parking tickets. Summons letters will follow and will incur and additional $15.00 in court costs.

If you feel the ticket was issued in error, or that there are extenuating circumstances, you may appeal the parking citation. Out of town violators may write a letter to the judge who will review the facts and answer the appeal. Please provide name, mailing address and phone number on the letter of protest so the court may respond. You may fax the letter to 970-477-3412 with a copy of the ticket.

Those wishing to contest a parking ticket and live in the Vail Valley, must appear in court. Please report to the court office to sign documents and set a court date with the court staff. These trials are held on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 pm.

Please call the court if you have additional questions. 970-479-2133.

Municipal Court
Town of Vail