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Appearance & Continuance

To make sure you have a Vail Municipal Court summons and are appearing in the correct court, please compare your ticket to the one below. Important areas of the ticket below have been highlighted in yellow.

Please read your ticket carefully. If you are required to appear in court for arraignment then you must do so unless you have made prior arrangements to continue the court date. You may request a continuance one time only prior to your arraignment date. Call the court at 970-479-2129 to request a continuance, that is, arrange an earlier court date or extend it no more than 30 days.

If your ticket is a penalty assessment ticket, such as traffic and animal control that allows you to pay without appearing, you must pay within 20 days of the date of issue in order not to incur a $15 court fee. Please sign the waiver form on the back of your copy and submit with payment to the court.

If you have missed your court date, please contact the court at 970-479-2129.

Blank Ticket

Municipal Court
Town of Vail