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Special Inspection Policy

The International Building Code (IBC) requires special inspections be performed on structures constructed within the scope of Chapter 17.  Section 10-1-3 of the Town of Vail Municipal Code also authorizes the Building Official to make or require inspections of construction work for residential structures as required by Chapter 17 of the IBC.


Projects submitted for review shall include a Statement of Special Inspections, as required by Sections 1704.2.3 and 1704.3 of the IBC, as a condition for permit approval and issuance.

  • SPECIAL INSPECTION:  Inspection of construction requiring the expertise of an approved special inspector in order to ensure compliance with the code and the approved construction documents.
    • CONTINUOUS SPECIAL INSPECTION:  Special inspection by the special inspector who is present continuously when and where the work to be inspected is being performed.
    • PERIODIC SPECIAL INSPECTION:  Special inspection by the special inspector who is intermittently present where the work to be inspected has been or is being performed.

These inspections shall be performed by an approved agency that is objective, competent and independent from the contractor responsible for the work being inspected.  The agency shall disclose to the Building Official and the registered design professional in responsible charge possible conflicts of interest so that objectivity can be confirmed.


  • SPECIAL INSPECTOR:  A qualified person employed or retained by an approved agency and approved by the Building Official as having the competence necessary to inspect a particular type of construction requiring a special inspection

Town of Vail approved agencies: (to be considered for approval, contact

  • CTL/Thompson
  • Ground Engineering
  • HP/Kumar
  • Intertek PSI
  • LKP Engineering, Inc. (Geotechnical/Soils)
  • NWCCOG (elevator program)
  • Terracon
  • Thunder Mountain Testing (structural steel/welding)
  • West Slope Testing and Inspection



  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that special inspections are performed when the work is ready and to retain the special inspection reports. 
  • Reports of special inspections shall be provided to the Building Official prior to covering of items requiring other inspections.  No required inspections performed by the Town of Vail will be made until all applicable special inspection reports have been received, reviewed and approved.  Email reports to:
  • Special inspector(s) shall notify the contractor and the design professional in responsible charge of any discrepancies observed during inspections.
  • All discrepancies observed shall be resolved and applicable reports indicating such shall be submitted to the Building Official prior to any required Town of Vail inspection being approved.
  • Routine construction inspections otherwise required by the code shall still be performed at the appropriate stages of construction.

Certificates of Occupancy and/or Completion will not be issued for any project until ALL special inspections are approved and required reports of the special inspections with seal and original signatures are received, reviewed and approved by the Building Official.




  • Fabricated Items/Fabricators (IBC 1704.2.5)
  • Structural Steel/High-Strength Fasteners/Welding (IBC 1705.2)
  • Concrete/Pre-Post Stress/Materials (IBC 1705.3)
  • Masonry (IBC 1705.4)
  • Wood (IBC 1705.5)
  • Soils (IBC 1705.6)
  • Driven Deep Foundations/Helical Piles (IBC 1705.7/1705.9)
  • Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials (IBC 1705.14)
  • Smoke Control Systems (IBC 1705.18)
  • Blower Door Testing (IECC R402.4.1.2 – RESNET Qual/Cert Required)
  • Wind/Seismic Resistance (IBC 1705.11/1705.12)
  • Other Special Cases (IBC 1705.1)

For any questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact

C.J. Jarecki
Chief Building Official


Glen Morgan
Senior Plans Examiner


Andrew Rogers
Building Inspector


John Boggs
Combination Inspector

Inspection Requests