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Town of Vail Draws Winner for Red Sandstone Creek Condo Home

  • 12 November 2018

A Red Sandstone Creek deed-restricted condominium became available for sale with priority going to Town of Vail critical employees first followed by regular full-time town employees. If there are no interested town employees, a public lottery is held.

Five town employees (1 critical and 4 regular full-time) applied for the Red Sandstone Creek home located at 955 Red Sandstone Road Unit 8A, a 3-bedroom, 2-bath plus 1-car garage. Following the application process, the home was awarded to the 1 critical employee. The remaining 4 applicants were provided 1 ticket for each qualifying category.

  • Meet minimum lottery participation criteria = 1 lottery ticket
  • Vail resident = 1 lottery ticket
  • Vail resident for equal to or greater than 5 years = 1 lottery ticket
  • Employed in Vail = 1 lottery ticket
  • Employed in Vail for equal to or greater than 5 years =1 lottery ticket
    Maximum Total: 5 lottery tickets

The 4 regular full-time employees were entered into a drawing to select a reserve list for this home. The reserve list will be used in the event the critical employee winner is unable to move forward with the purchase. The applicant ticket count and drawing order is listed below.

Applicants      Tickets Awarded      Draw Order
Zach Kinker          3                                1
Molly Eppard        3                                2
Carlie Smith          2                                3
Chris Neubecker   2                                4

For more information on Vail’s housing programs contact Lynne Campbell at or 970-479-2150.



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