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Seasonal Closure of Gore Valley Recreation Trail at Dowd Junction Scheduled for Oct. 31

  • 30 October 2019
The seasonal closure of the Gore Valley Recreation Trail through Dowd Junction is scheduled for the end of day Thursday, Oct. 31. The trail is closed during the first snowstorms of the season, which typically triggers deer and elk migration through the Mud Springs wildlife underpass which crosses under the trail. 

The winter closure allows for the wildlife migration and was a condition of the recreation trail’s approval. Additionally, plowing operations on Interstate 70 create a significant safety concern, which also contributes to the closure.
Gates will be in place to indicate the trail’s closure as well as signs explaining the requirement. The trail will reopen in the spring on or about April 15, as weather conditions allow.

Other recreation paths in Vail which are not maintained during the winter will be affected, specifically these sections of the Gore Valley Trail, Katsos Ranch area, Golden Peak area, Lionshead area and Cascade Village Area.

For more information contact Gregg Barrie in the Town of Vail Public Works Department at 970-479-2337.

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