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Community Picnic Suggestions and Responses Compiled by Town of Vail

  • 31 August 2015
Community Picnic Suggestions and Responses Compiled by Town of Vail

Comments and suggestions from the 2015 Town of Vail neighborhood picnics have been compiled and are being evaluated by the Town Council and staff. Comments have been sorted into the categories of neighborhoods, enforcement, miscellaneous and compliments. The picnics were held on July 28 at Bighorn Park and on Aug.11 at Donovan Park and are used as a community outreach initiative to connect with residents and guests.

Updates are included below:

Q/C = Question/Comment
TOV = Update

Put a bench and/or shelter at Spruce Way bus stop (east end). 
TOV:    Completed. Thanks for the suggestion! 
Q/C:   My kids would love to see a lacrosse net here (Bighorn Park)! They love the soccer goal.
TOV:    It is good to hear the soccer goal is being used since it takes a bit more time for mowing/maintenance now that the goal is in place. Town staff will investigate this new request and acknowledges there are some concerns. Lacrosse nets tend to be lighter and smaller and thus, harder to secure. Where to put a lacrosse net is also a consideration as we don’t want it to interfere with the soccer area, but also keep it away from the pavilion/playground area as lacrosse balls are harder and travel faster than soccer balls. These are important safety considerations that must be evaluated responsively.   
Q/C:   Need a porta potty at Booth Falls Trailhead.
TOV:    Town staff agrees that this would be a good amenity to provide. We will put it on the list for next summer to install on a temporary basis as this is a heavily-used trailhead. Once the remodel of Booth Creek Park is complete, the new restroom will be available nearby for trail users in lieu of a porta potty.
Q/C:   Put flowers in planter by Stream Side Circle (instead of just vines).
TOV:    The lack of available water for this planter creates a resource issue for the town. As a compromise, flowers were planted a few years ago at the request of the neighborhood with the promise that residents would keep the flowers watered. Unfortunately, the flowers were not watered regularly and they died. A possible solution would be for the neighborhood to adopt the planter and assume responsibility for planting and watering.
Q/C:    More speed enforcement on Main Gore Drive.
TOV:    There have only been 4 traffic crashes on Main Gore Drive in the last 2 years, each at a different cross street, and all during the winter months. The Police Department generally focuses additional enforcement on areas that have numerous traffic accidents. As with any complaint about speeders, officers will conduct additional enforcement efforts in the area, so please watch your speeds in East Vail.
Q/C:   Need speed enforcement in East Vail.
TOV:    See response above. Bighorn Road is the only street in East Vail that has had more than 4 traffic crashes since the beginning of 2014. 
  Need visible police presence on Bridge Street and Gore Creek Promenade from 1 to 2 a.m. to help keep noise down.
TOV:    A majority of the officers working and not already on calls are on foot patrol on Bridge Street during bar closing. It is a difficult problem to keep bar goers quiet after they have been in a loud bar environment and is a consequence of being in the Commercial Core District.
Q/C:   Parked cars on Frontage Road by Vail Mountain School (for Booth Falls Trail) – dangerous.
TOV:    It is illegal to park on Booth Falls Road; the trailhead parking fills quickly and the Vail Mountain School parking lot is only available on weekends during the school year. This is probably our most popular trail in the town. We are looking for alternatives for hiker parking.
  There are cars parking on Frontage Road in front of Vail Mountain School as parents are interfacing with Frontage Road traffic waiting to pick up students at end of school day.
TOV:    Parent parking is only allowed on the Frontage Road for overflow from the Vail Mountain School parking lot during events, when a variance is authorized. Police Department staff will be working with the VMS school officials to minimize the parking on the Frontage Road.
  Stop amplified music in East Vail on weekends.
TOV:    Not sure the source of this music. If it is the Vail Racquet Club, they do have weddings most weekends but strictly enforce a 10 PM curfew on amplified music. They are planning on purchasing a sound meter to better regulate the noise from their events.
Q/C:   Need a bathroom at the 180 exit parking lot.
TOV:    There are no plans to add a restroom at the 180 exit as this is CDOT property and there is no budget from the state to do so.
Q/C:   “No” helipad in such a high density area on top of bank building (VVMC expansion).
TOV:    The 2015 Vail Valley Medical Center Master Plan adopted by the Vail Town Council identifies the Vail Valley Medical Center campus as an appropriate location for a relocated emergency helipad. As adopted, the master plan recommends the relocated helipad be placed atop a new building to be constructed on the northwestern most corner of the campus adjacent to the South Frontage Road. This location has undergone a preliminary review for full compliance with FAA helipad design guidelines. The final determination on the relocation of the emergency helipad will be made during the review of a development application by the Town of Vail Planning & Environmental Commission for the proposed East Wing addition. This review process is likely to occur during late 2015 – early 2016. Community members are encouraged to participate in the public hearing process. 
Q/C:   Need commercial dumpsters with working doors.
TOV:    All dumpsters managed by the Town of Vail for public use are in working order. At the Community Recycling Drop-Off Center, dumpster access is provided via sliding doors and through a slat on the cardboard compactor. The large access door on the compactor is padlocked closed for public safety. Commercial dumpsters are contracted privately through your local waste hauler and any issues related to access doors should be directed to their customer service office.  
Q/C:   Roundabout at Simba Run is a waste of $$.
TOV:    The Vail I-70 Underpass project has been in the town’s Transportation Master Plan for 25 years. Council’s approval of the project was preceded by a two-year public process that included all stakeholders and gave the public significant opportunity to express concerns/comments. Overall, it is a much anticipated and welcome project within the community.
Q/C:    Fix up East Vail Interchange!
TOV:    This is on the future Town of Vail Capital Projects List. Water quality improvements are scheduled for 2017 and beautification of the area in 2018. There is approximately $1 million in each year, but no public process or conceptual design has been undertaken to date so no details are available at this time.
Q/C:   Black smoke emitting trash trucks need to be cleaned up to operate in Vail (Waste Management is the worst).
TOV:    Waste Management has been notified twice of their violation and their staff has assured the Town of Vail that the truck with the issues has been serviced. As always, town staff appreciates reports of air quality issues and will continue to follow up on them. 
Q/C:   What happens to our workers’ housing when they retire and no longer have to work 30 hours per week? Big problem, but nobody talks about it!
TOV:    According to the town’s adopted guidelines for employee housing units, a person may continue to occupy a deed restricted unit upon retirement. Persons owning deed restricted employee housing units in the Town of Vail may remain in their homes after retirement. In order to do so, however, a retired individual must be 60 years of age or older, and has worked a minimum of five years in Eagle County for an average of 30 hours per week on an annual basis.
Q/C:   There is trash on and around Vail Transportation Center and on slope side facing Mountain Haus.
TOV:    Town maintenance crews will take care of this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Q/C:   Where are the Town Council members (Bighorn Park)?
TOV:    Our apologies! Busy summer schedules made it difficult to find dates for the picnics that would work for everyone. Mayor Pro Tem Ludwig Kurz represented the Town Council at Bighorn Park, while Mayor Andy Daly, Dave Chapin and Jenn Bruno took part in the picnic at Donovan Park.


Q/C:  Donovan looks beautiful!!!
Q/C:  Thanks TOV Flower Crew.
Q/C:  Awesome! You All Rock!
Q/C:  Great burgers!!

In addition to the neighborhood picnics, share your ideas, concerns and suggestions at any time by emailing the Town Council at Also, the town’s website at includes information on town topics and projects as well as email links and phone numbers for all departments.

Contact: Suzanne Silverthorn, 970-479-2115
Community Information Office


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