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Chamonix Vail Townhome Available for Qualified Buyer

  • 3 August 2020
Chamonix Vail Townhome Available for Qualified Buyer

Located in Vail’s newest neighborhood for families, a Chamonix Vail Townhome is available for-sale to a qualified buyer. The 1,581 square feet, three-bedroom, three-bath, two car garage home is located at 2387 Lower Traverse Way Unit B, in West Vail.  The deed-restricted home is available for purchase with a maximum resale purchase price of $619,364. This home was initially offered through the town’s resale lottery application process and has since been modified to allow interested buyers additional time to participate. Offers for purchase are now being accepted on a first-come basis.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a virtual tour of the home is offered and can be viewed at The prospective buyers will have an opportunity to tour the home in person. 

To purchase the townhome, interested buyers must meet the following basic eligibility requirements to qualify:

  • A pre-qualification letter from a mortgage lender demonstrating financial ability to purchase the deed-restricted home
  • Verification of successful completion of a Town of Vail approved homebuyer education class or signed acknowledgment of intent to do so within six months of the resale lottery drawing date

Chamonix Vail homes have a resale price appreciation cap of 1.5 percent per annum plus any approved capital improvements. See the Chamonix Vail Employee Housing Guidelines September 13, 2017 and Town of Vail Housing Guidelines July 4, 2018 for additional information.

Additional information including the deed restriction is located on the town’s website at

For additional details, contact George Ruther, the town’s housing director, at 970-376-2675 or email



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